Festivals & Important Days

Unique Features

Viewed form different locations, the hill resembles various forms of the Lord Shiva and Parvathy. The temple itself is said to be in the form of the pranava mandiram viz. "Om" which can not be seen anywhere else.

The main deity is surrounded by eight rock temples inside the main mandapam which appear spectacularly like a "navaratna mala" or "navagrhas".

The "nava dhuvarams" have been so placed that the sun rays fall on the Lord once a year at a particular time in the month of "Chithirai".

The sacred hill is surrounded by "nava theerthams". The Surya/Pandava theertham is quite large and at the centre of the village. Swaptha Kanniyar temple, the rock beds / seats believed to have been used by the pandavas, the "Saguna Kundru", the "18th step" where justice is rendered are some of the unique features of this temple. The "Girivalam" here on the full moon days is considered no less significant than the one at Thiruvannamalai. Lord Arunachaleeswar is at the adivaram temple at TV Malai. But the Lord reigns here at top of the hill itself. The locals point out proudly about this difference & believe that the girivalam here is more significant & bestows more boons and benefits.