Festivals & Important Days

Temple is an externalized aspect of faith, and it is a place to restore peace and harmony. What great seers have visualized has been made outwardly real in a temple.

This temple is safely edifice consecrated to the Lord of Light and other deities, built centuries ago at the foot of the hill to form the seat of worship.

"Rope Car" Project

To put an end to the hardship and ordeal of the pilgrims, there have been a spate of representations to constuct a passenger ropeway at this hill temple.

The temple authorities believe that a ropeway would enable more people to worship the Lord & attract more pilgrims & tourists

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Existing infrastructure

The village is well connected with the neighboring towns/districts by a good network of roads with frequent bus connections.

The nearest rail-heads are at Kulithalai ( Trichy - Kaurur - Erode section ) and Manaparai ( Trichy - Dindigul section ). Accommodation facilities are available in many choultries.

Therefore, pilgrims from all over the state visit this temple throughout the year.

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Background of the study

The height of Ayyar Malai is 342 M (1178 Ft) above MSL.

One has to climb 1017 steps to reach to the top of hill

The terrain is flat with gentle gradient from the "adivaram" up to the "Ponnidum Parai" temple

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